Social and Political Issues in Art

I think Gender Identity is an important topic that needs more attention on. People should feel comfortable in what they are wearing whether it is too masculine or too feminine. It says “if you are a male and give off the expression of femininity you are not a male” from responders to the issue. I disagree reasoning their is no such thing, man are allowed to wear nail polish or makeup and still be identified as a male outsiders would probably take it a different way and question if he is a man or woman which is no ones business. Safe to say that the people I surround myself with, my family, and my role models has influenced my decisions and has been supportive of me being comfortable in my own skin. They and myself taught to be expressive and positive as much as I can despite the cruelty in the world. I think what the other side has to say is not worth hearing. They would probably come off judge mental and say ” why do you dress like that” ” you are female not male act like it” and so on. I see their point of view but I don’t agree with it, let the people wear what they want. I choose this position because I know it is the right choice me personally I like wearing baggy clothes reasoning I feel comfortable and no one can have an opinion. This was not intentionally to offend anyone but educate some. I think it depends on the topic but for this one I think it should be allowed reasoning this is still an ongoing issue for some and people should feel comfortable in an environment where you are not constantly criticized. I would hope it gets my point across I think it meets the point where I am getting at.

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