Canon Lens Experience Review

Sasha Gitin has been shooting ever since he was 7 years old. After completing school he shot self assigned work in the nearly all over the world. He went out on his own shooting in fields as his mentors and influences. He did not expect two of his passions coming together. Gitin was associating with food business executives, chefs, and food and prop stylists they seemed to be exactly what he was looking for. He had an had hitting connection something he felt was needed component for doing exquisite work. He is excited to be working with a full-frame camera, and lauds the high ISO capability that allows him to shoot. There’s no difference, the sun is a single light source and you use a single strobe source and get the same result. Part of being of a pro is going with the flow. Versatile EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM allows home overheated shots that are too wide for the 90mm TS. Gitin recently have been experimenting with a new conceptual direction to expand his creativity. After being extremely fastidious he found new exciting ways to procrastinate.

Peter Tellone he loves taking photos of landscape. It is one of the most well respected and oldest styles of photography due to it’s forever presence. The pace at which subjects in nature generally move slower. Landscape is more based on the accuracy rather than smooth, silence, and pure speed. Must have well-paired equipment I believe this the first in all areas of photography. Mr. Tellone can be placed as expensive scenes how one’s perspective and light come together with the environment. Perspective is everything in his eyes and I would highly agree with him. I think one’s perspective is important in photography so it could come out just right. When he usually works with a tripod, most of the time it is fast enough to capture the subject matter. Peter uses different equipment to reach the vision and be open to add elements in a scenery. He wants to try something new than what he occasionally does. The short minimum focusing distance of 11″ from the sensor place one of the key features. The ability o reproduce colors and tones as they are is a certain priority. Landscape photography is all about handling and placing elements of a natural scene into an aesthetic composition

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