$10,000 Photography Shopping Spree

Robus RC 5570 Vantage Series Carbon Fiber Tripod- $549.95- I would purchase this item because having it setup if I were to take a portrait of an individual or a shot of an landscape better chance of it coming out perfect.

Memory Cards- SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro CFexpress Card Type B- $179.99- I would purchase this item so I would have to keep my photos safe.

Batteries- Sony BC-TRW W Series Battery Charger- $48.00 I would like to have this item reasoning how would charge my camera it is a must have.

Godox Ring72 Macro LED Ring Light $75.00- I would purchase this item because it is always good to have some backup lighting.

Tiffen 52mm 81A Light Balancing Filter $12.99, Tiffen 49mm 85 Color Conversion Filter $23.94, Tiffen 52mm 80A Color Conversion Filter $15.90- I would select this item to the different color/lighting a selection for people.

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