Georgia Keefe Illustration

This image stands out to me reasoning the use color that is used. I think the combination of colors used is so beautiful. The way it’s drawn as well is very smooth and mysterious. I think her painting style is very unique and different than others I have seen. I understand why she is famous […]

Read and Write: Photojournalism

I believe these photos really capture the moment of the issue that’s going on. The photos taken look very historical and show the chaotic importance of it. In other words some of the photos are very substantial. I can see in the future this being told to the next generation and the next generation after […]

Article Read and Write

I wasn’t familiar with the technique of silhouetting can be used to add charm to photos, bring out the photos more. One thing I like about silhouette photography is that it really brings out the photo itself in a dramatic way. The silhouette is one of the most common effects reasoning it’s visual simplicity. Silhouettes […]