Sandy Skoglund

I would say Sandy Skoglund has unique style one I have never seen before. It is so creative and out of the box it’s honestly hard to choose which one is my favorite. I like her perspective on things and she adds her own twist to it. I find it interesting she uses multiple objects […]


By looking at the image what catches my eye are the colors. They are so vibrant and really stand out which creates the photo more appealing. I like the clouds that were placed in the image it looks almost real. Especially the shot really captures the scenery of what I was going for. Also adding […]

Fill Flash Outside

Fill flash simply append an extra burst of light to balance out the light in your photo and make it more visually alluring. It is always best to use fill flash when sun isn’t directly on the subject or it is too dull. Using fill flash opens up your creative possibilities as a photographer you […]

10 Good Tips on Flash Photography

Having the option to shoot in for all intents and purposes any sort of shooting situation with differing lighting conditions. Most importantly that pointing the blaze straightforwardly towards your subject is a no-no. The key to making better lighting is to bounce the blaze against another surface. Making more alluring lighting is to diffuse the […]

$10,000 Photography Shopping Spree

Robus RC 5570 Vantage Series Carbon Fiber Tripod- $549.95- I would purchase this item because having it setup if I were to take a portrait of an individual or a shot of an landscape better chance of it coming out perfect. Memory Cards- SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro CFexpress Card Type B- $179.99- I would purchase […]

Canon Lens Experience Review

Sasha Gitin has been shooting ever since he was 7 years old. After completing school he shot self assigned work in the nearly all over the world. He went out on his own shooting in fields as his mentors and influences. He did not expect two of his passions coming together. Gitin was associating with […]